Happy 1st Anniversary

So it is almost a year I have been leading Zumba Fitness classes. When I started this journey 2 years ago, I didn’t expect it would take a year to feel ready to have my own class. To start out with I would volunteer to teach in a women’s prison. Or maybe not. Diane Felkenes came to Vermont just about 11 months ago.

And she rocked my world. I wanted to teach an athletic chair class, would open it to seniors and survivors . 30 minutes of Latin and world music. An occassional piece by Belefonte…but mostly feel good AfriBolliCaribaxe. Music from the places, sharing another side of joy. Most of my music is around joy and feeling uplifted.

Now I teach 2 classes on my own… On seated and one standing, I help with a third, I’ve worked some large events, cohosted Diane Felkenes.

All the while, I’m not getting paid. White it would be nice to make back trainings and insurance cost I work in a tough spot. Some weeks these women have nothing to spare. $3.75 seems too much for full turkey dinner with all the fixings. It means less of something else…. Maybe toilet paper. I can’t ask people to make those kinds of choices…,I’d rather they were in class free of worry about where the money comes from.

On a big week I make $10-15 teaching an 8-10 person class. I give it all back to the senior center who is also coins money. My initial training was paid for and this lets me give back to the community.

I love the boys (4 years old), men and women of class. They make me smile even in Grmpy Gus Grove days.

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